Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

Clerical Error? U.S. Attorney Tom O'Brien's not talking, but the L.A. Times is reporting that a federal grand jury is investigating Los Angeles Archdiocese Cardinal Roger Mahony for not protecting parishioners from predator priests. Scott Glover and Jack Leonard write that Mahony could be charged with depriving parishioners of "honest services" -- the same felony that sent disgraced private eye Anthony Pellicano to federal prison.

Grizzly Adams Bandit Strikes Again A man wearing a fake beard robbed Alhambra's First Bank twice in January, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. He's also suspected in seven other area bank heists.

The Zoo Story The Associated Press says Billy the Elephant will be living at the L.A. Zoo's forthcoming Pachyderm Forest after all, thanks to a Wednesday L.A. City Council vote. Bob the Game Show Host and Goldie the Actress were not pleased.

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The Show Must Not Go On Director John Landis is suing singer Michael Jackson and the Nederlander theater organization from mounting a Broadway musical based on the 1982 video Thriller, which Landis co-wrote and directed. According to Associated Press,  Landis' lawyers say Landis owns the copyright to the video and will seek to stop the show if necessary.

Rampart's Newest Payout: $20.5 Million The motto of the LAPD's Rampart scandal of the late 1990s might be, "Everyone a Winner!" After shelling out $75.5 million to civilians who claimed to be damaged by the actions of corrupt police officers, the L.A. City Council Wednesday gave $20.5 million to four former officers who say they were falsely accused and arrested during the scandal's fallout.

Tag -- You're It! One person's graffiti art is another's vandalism. The tagging crew known as the Metro Transit Assassins is famous/infamous for painting a half-mile long  MTA logo along an L.A. River embankment. Seven crew members will have their day in court soon -- their arrests were announced Wednesday.


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