• Fewer Freshmen at UCLA The University of California confirms that, in a system already tightening the number of freshmen admissions, UCLA has the toughest 2009 entrance rates with the fewest number of new students admitted. L.A. Times

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • Supes Want Park The L.A. County Board of Supervisors approved designs for a $56 million park to be constructed on the 16 acres between the Music Center on Grand Avenue and City Hall, on Spring Street. Coincidentally, the Civic Center Mall currently occupying this space runs in front of the Board of Supervisors offices. Associated Press
  • All Her Eggs in One Basket Nadya Suleman, aka OctoMom, told a celebrity publication that she spent $24,000 on the in vitro procedure that produced her first four children. Suleman said she worked double shifts and used inheritance money on the process that left her with surplus frozen eggs that she later had implanted to produce octuplets in January. San Gabriel Valley Tribune
  • Barack Obama, Burglary Suspect? A fundraising letter sent out by Congressman Buck McKeon (R-Santa Clarita) blasting our "socialist" president's support of the Employee Free Choice Act ("right out of Stalin's playbook"), ended with McKeon's wife noting that a suspect arrested for the burglary of their home was a man from Chicago. (Barack Obama is a man. Barack Obama is from Chicago . . .) "Just know this," Patricia McKeon wrote, "no matter what happens to us, Buck and I won't back down." Antelope Valley Press
  • Arraignment Fizzle Howard K. Stern and Khristine Eroshevich postponed their Tuesday arraignment on charges they supplied the late Anna Nicole Smith with illegal prescription drugs. Stern's lawyer, Steven Sadow, accused California Attorney General Jerry Brown of orchestrating his client's persecution to help Brown's election chances in the 2010 governor's race. Brown responded by labeling Sadow's claims a "smoke and mirrors tactic." L.A. Times, TMZ.com
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  • Crue-sing for a Brue-sing Tommy Lee tells a Hustler interviewer that, back in the day, Motley Crue bandmate Nikki Sixx broke the window of an unmanned LAPD cruiser parked behind the Whiskey a Go Go and urinated inside the car. An LAPD spokesman says the quarter-century-old incident is being investigated. WENN.com


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