• Brave New Archive UCLA will get the correspondence, speeches, papers and audio recordings of 20th-century author, seeker and drug experimenter Aldous Huxley. L.A. Times

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • Slay Case Man Still Missing Nearly nine months after the gruesome killings of four people in a Quartz Hill house, a fifth presumed victim, Si Young Yoon, is still missing. Antelope Valley Press
  • Bankruptcy by a Nose Owners of Arcadia's Santa Anita Park raceway have filed for bankruptcy protection in Delaware. San Gabriel Valley Tribune
  • Costly Court Rx for Kaiser A Superior Court judge found the Kaiser Permanente medical group in default of orders to turn over papers related to a lawsuit by former employees. The workers allege Kaiser cut them out of overtime and work breaks. The suit affects 2,000 workers at a Downey facility and could result in Kaiser paying out millions of dollars. Long Beach Press Telegram
  • And Then the Roof Fell In U.S. Attorney Tom O'Brien slapped ex-KB Home CEO Bruce Karatz with a 20-count indictment for defrauding investors by skimming millions of dollars for himself and other KB executives. Former KB human resources chief Gary Ray already pleaded guilty last month to the scheme, which involved illegally backdating stock options. Karatz, 63, potentially faces 415 years in federal prison -- just enough time to sit out the housing slump. Bloomberg, L.A. Business Journal
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  • L.A.'s Mini-Madoff? Bruce Friedman, a Sherman Oaks mortgage banker who also heads a children's charity foundation, was indicted on securities fraud charges by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Friedman is alleged to have perpetuated a $217-million fraud scheme, while diverting another $17 to support a lavish life style. Jewish Journal, L.A. Times


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