Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

Roman Polanski's Trial by Film Just days before a crucial Los Angeles court hearing, the Associated Press' Linda Deutsch explains how a 2008 HBO documentary stirred the film auteur to resolve  the legal charges that had kept him in European self-exile for three decades.

One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Lawsuits In this morning's L.A. Times, Harriet Ryan writes about photographer Karl Larsen's anger -- and lawsuit -- over ABC's 20/20 miscrediting his 2007 photo of a crying Paris Hilton sitting in the back of a sheriff's car.

The Valley's Homeless Come Clean The San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission's portable shower is bringing warm, cleansing relief and self esteem to the homeless, one stop at a time, according to an L.A. Daily News report.

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A Mary Poppins Approach to Education The L.A. Times profiles how the nonprofit Hollywood Media + Arts school is turning around troubled young adults and letting them find creative futures.

Rugby Catches on in South L.A. The Guardian UK looks at the growth of the Inner City Rugby League and interest in a sport once thought to be impenetrably British.

Shepard Fairey's "Green" Obama Unconfirmed word has it that at sundown (5:15 p.m.) the Echo Park graphic artist will project his iconic campaign image of the newly inaugurated President on the side of the Hollywood & Highland Center -- "draping" it with a massive poster, sans vinyl or ink.


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