• Gang Ban An L.A. judge has okayed a D.A.-proposed injunction preventing Glendale's Toonerville street gang members from congregating in an area totaling 5.75 square miles. City News Service

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • Ticketmaster Scalped West Hollywood-based Ticketmaster lost $1.07 billion in its 2008 fourth quarter. The company hopes to merge with Live Nation Inc. L.A. Business Journal
  • Goodfellas Meets Grumpy Old Men An arrest warrant has been issued for Henry Hill, the mob wiseguy-turned-FBI-informant played by Ray Liotta in the movie Goodfellas. Seems Hill, 65, failed to appear before a judge Thursday regarding a charge of being publicly drunk in San Bernardino. Hill told a reporter by phone from his San Fernando Valley home that he wasn't aware his appearance was mandatory. Riverside Press-Enterprise
  • Missing Toddler Found, Mom's Story Changes The body of 18-month-old Emma Leigh Barker was found in a section of Sylmar brush, hours after her mother, Stacy Barker, told sheriff's department detectives she had been knocked unconscious in Lancaster and her daughter kidnapped. Barker now claims the toddler's death was an accident. L.A. Times
  • Lights Out for Proposition B It's official: L.A.'s solar energy ballot initiative, Measure B, lost in this month's election, 50.5 percent to 49.5 percent. L.A. Observed, L.A. City Clerk
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  • Bruins Hang on for Victory UCLA barely held off Virginia Commonwealth, 65-64, in Philadelphia, as March Madness continues. L.A. Daily News


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