• Rain, Rain, Come Back Again The recent winter storms were awfully photogenic on TV but all that rain was just so much water under the Sixth Street Bridge. The state remains in a drought state and water rationing appears right around the corner for Los Angeles. Reuters

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • A Bridge Too Ugly? Speaking of the Sixth Street Bridge -- uh, Viaduct -- local preservationists are already sandbagging for a fight over the ornamental 1932 span's replacement with a no-frills, cable-stayed bridge. L.A. Times
  • One Hot Potato, Two Hot Potato . . . News of Nadya Suleman snagging the Christian-themed Ambassador Speakers Bureau as a talent agency have proved -- well, premature. The group's founder, Wes Yoder, claims to only have offered some advice to the octuplets mom, but "has not executed a representation agreement, nor do we intend to do so." Last week an L.A.-based PR firm backed out of representing Suleman on a pro bono basis after the publicists were deluged with hate mail and death threats. Associated Press
  • "Rent" Not Due at Newport Beach High School Proving once more that only censorship can validate mediocre musicals, a tempest is brewing over Corona del Mar High School's replacement of sorta-gay-themed Rent with Martin Sherman's Bent -- no, make that with You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. (We're not making this up.) Perhaps a better compromise would've been Dog Sees God, Bert V. Royal's sometimes-gay themed Peanuts spoof that looks at Charlie Brown and the gang in adolescence. L.A. Times
  • Bones That Rise Again A massive trove of Ice Age fossils has been discovered, believe it or not, at the La Brea Tar Pits -- the site of decades of prehistoric excavations. A near-intact mammoth skeleton and bones of saber-toothed cats and ground sloths (those are extinct in L.A.?) are some of the finds unearthed in the murk beneath an old parking lot. So far no signs of any Gremlins or Pintos. Associated Press
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  • Valet-dation in Eagle Rock Valet parking is not always merely a sign of gentrification -- it can also be part of a community's attack on parking and traffic congestion. A "public valet" program, already in place in Pasadena's Old Town, has been kicked around a while now for central Hollywood. It may become reality for Eagle Rock. The Eastsider L.A.


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