• Scorched Universal Studios Sets Back for Summer Associated Press reports that the tourist destination will have rebuilt its New York streets, seen in Spider-Man 2 and Transformers, in time for midsummer. The N.Y. neighborhood and other movie-set attractions burned during last June's massive backlot conflagration. Still no word, however, on whether Universal will bring back its King Kong attraction. Maybe they'll replace it with the Christian Bale Ride.

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • The Overtime Bandits A pair of robbers crisscrossed the San Fernando Valley recently, holding up 13 businesses in 12 hours. Now one of them is in custody, says the L.A. Daily News.
  • Cop Car Demolition Derby Hawthorne police told the Daily Breeze that three drunken men separately crashed their vehicles into a total of four patrol cars last weekend, slightly injuring three officers. 
  • Build It and They Will Eat It Were the long lines and 45-minute waits to eat a free Denny's Grand Slam breakfast a marketing coup or grim augury of things to come during the recession? The L.A. Times says several Denny's Web servers crashed under the weight of so many computer users logging on to learn the location of the nearest cholesterol-and-sugar dispensary.
  • Silver Lake Attacks Spread The Eastsider L.A., Curbed L.A. and LAist are among the local blogs and Web sites with updated information about the violent assaults that have been plaguing Silver Lake recently -- and which now reportedly total 10.
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  • County Health Dept. Rap Sheets Studied L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich has told the L.A. Times that he had, late last year, requested case-by-case evaluations of the criminal records of ex-cons working as Health Dept. employees. The news follows Times' disclosures that a convicted rapist had worked as an X-ray technician in county hospitals for a decade before he was let go.


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