Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

Stadium Protests Begin Residents of Diamond Bar and Walnut organized the first of what promises to be many protests against Ed Roski's dream to bring an NLF team to Industry -- and the stadium he'll build. San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports.

Feds Investigating L.A. Cops An L.A. Times story reveals that the FBI and a federal prosecutor are looking into whether LAPD members lied in court testimony about a 2007 drug arrest made in Hollywood. Probes into the officers' sworn statements are also being conducted by the L.A. District Attorney and by the LAPD.

Valley Vets Facility Controversy  L.A. Daily News says the dreaded words "affordable housing" have sparked debate over the future of the Sepulveda Veterans Affairs Facility, as a proposed housing tract for the homeless moves forward and the specter of even more development looms.

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Long Beach to Allow Public Smoking? According to the Long Beach Press Telegram, the city council there is set to consider relaxing its ban on smoking in public places -- specifically, to exempt "'smoking lounges,' which are defined in the proposed amendment to include 'cigar shops, cigar lounges, hookah lounges, or tobacco shops.'"

Cracks in Crystal Cathedral  An Associated Press story says the Schuller family televangelist dynasty continues to show signs of shattering amid reports of economic meltdown and a botched leadership transition at Orange County's iconic Crystal Cathedral.

Chinese Coming to Buy Homes According to the English-language China Daily, "a pioneering house-buying team of 20 to 30 people," attracted by the U.S.'s devastated real estate market, will fly to American to buy cheap homes in cities "with huge ethnic Chinese populations including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York."


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