• Slain Pardo Victim Now a Deadbeat Renter Death may take a holiday, but not the landlord, as relatives of Alice Ortiz have discovered, according to an L.A. Daily News story. Ortiz was among nine Covina family members murdered by Bruce Pardo on

    Christmas Eve and now that the mourning's over, Ortiz's landlord,

    Broadcrest Foothill Apartment Homes, wants the $2,821.23 rent it says

    she owes.

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • New ICE House for L.A.? Now that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is relaxing its criteria for determining which illegal aliens should be regarded as criminal and arrested (especially in the L.A. area), what better idea than to build a sprawling detention facility that can accommodate 2,200? The super-Gitmo, according to a Department of Homeland Security Web site, might be located within 120 miles of downtown Los Angeles.
  • Return of the Rapist The L.A. Times says that the convicted rapist who was fired in August from his county hospital job as an X-ray technician was rehired soon afterward, through a contractor. Now he's been fired again.
  • El Monte Nixes Parking Ban The city council here, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, has decided against enacting an overnight street-parking ban that would have brought in an estimated $450,000 to cash-strapped city coffers. Residents had objected to the plan, claiming that the $50 annual exemption fee for locals was too much in the current recession.
  • Stoned Off Their Asses The Long Beach Press Telegram and other news outlets reported that a federal task force at the Port of Long Beach discovered 1,800 pounds of marijuana secreted inside 200 ceramic donkeys imported from Mexico. The pot was destined for Fontana. (Part of a meth-diversion program?)
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  • Suffer the Little Children The Daily Breeze says a UCLA study shows that Los Angeles County legislative districts have the highest number of children without medical coverage in California. The 2007 study, released Wednesday, ranks Los Angeles with Riverside, San Bernardino and Imperial counties for the least number of children with health insurance.


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