• Mass Transit Becoming Mass? Figures show the MTA is keeping some of the ridership it won when gas blew past $4 per gallon last year. Are Angelenos finally embracing buses and trains? L.A. Times

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • La Habra Site of New OctoHouse Prudential Realty claims Nadya Suleman's father has purchased a 2583-square-foot home in La Habra for his daughter, the mother of octuplets. Suleman is scheduled to appear Tuesday and Wednesday on the syndicated TV show of Dr. Phil McGraw, who issued a statement announcing the mother will accept childcare help from Angels in Waiting, a nonprofit nursing group. Associated Press
  • Gay Couples Won't Add Up The 2010 census will continue to count same-sex domestic pairs as "unmarried couples," disregarding the nature of a couple's sexual orientation or if their unions legally count as marriages. Long Beach Press-Telegram
  • Cop Union Wants Sarah Jane Here The L.A. Police Protective League has asked the governor to stop ex-SLA member Sarah Jane Olson from serving a supervised parole in Minnesota, near her family. Olson's currently ending a seven-year stretch in Chowchilla for a 1975 murder bid against L.A. cops that failed when two pipe bombs fizzled. L.A. Times
  • Lancaster to Employees: Take the Rest of Your Life Off The High Desert town, facing a $10 million shortfall, may offer incentives to city employees to retire early. Antelope Valley Press
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  • L.A. Coyote Sentenced An L.A.-base immigrant smuggler has been sentenced to six and a half years in federal prison for helping to run what was described as the largest operation of its kind in Southern California. Francisco Andres-Francisco is the sixth of a dozen alleged smugglers to plead guilty in the case, which began in 2005 when 140 illegal immigrants were discovered packed into two South Los Angeles homes. Associated Press


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