• Hope Doesn't Float "Don't bury me in Venice" might be the lesson to come away with after the state's Climate Action Team issued the results of computer modeling showing much of California's present coastline underwater by the end of the century. L.A. Times

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • Print Bad, Twitter Good Ex-L.A. Times biz ed Rick Wartzman believes newspapers need to free themselves of ink and go digital. He offers a vision for a printless L.A. Times, while Kevin Roderick points out some uncomfortable ramifications. L.A. Observed
  • Meruelo Maddux to Belly Up? Downtown's biggest property owner, and among the city's most politically connected landlords, announced it's stopped repayments on more than a quarter billion dollars in real estate loans. Bankruptcy may be facing CEO and company namesake Richard Meruelo, who was mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's biggest ($200,000) campaign contributor in 2005. If so, could this affect the mayor's possible plans to run for governor? L.A. Business Journal, L.A. Times
  • OctoLawyer Allred Claims Angels on Board OctoMom plenipotentiary Gloria Allred and members of Angels in Waiting announced the charity would assist Nadya Suleman in raising her newborn octuplets and six other young children. However, a spokeswoman for Angels in Waiting said the group, which is barely treading water financially, will need to rely on outside donations to cover the childrens' medical costs. San Gabriel Valley Tribune
  • Smog Thieves Hit USC In one sign of the times, thieves are targeting parking lots at and around USC, from which to steal cars' catalytic converters. The smog-abating devices contain traces of platinum, palladium and rhodium, which metal recyclers later extract. Replacing a catalytic converter can cost $1,000 and the campus-area thefts have been on the rise lately. Daily Trojan
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  • Sign of the Bobblehead In a gesture recognizing that all is well between left fielder Manny Ramirez and his team, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced they will issue a  bobblehead figure of Ramirez, marking the inking of his two-year $45 million deal with the club. The bobblehead, which is a giveaway to the first 50,000 fans who attend the July 22 game at Dodger Stadium, will come equipped with Ramirez's familiar dreadlocks. L.A. Daily News


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