• L.A. Gets Water Boarded The DWP's board of directors has voted to impose penalties on consumers who don't cut their water use by 15 percent this summer. Associated Press

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • Stroke Fells Keach/Nixon A mild stroke has knocked actor Stacy Keach out of the Richard Nixon role he'd been playing in Frost/Nixon at the Ahmanson Theater. He'll be replaced by Bob Ari, who understudied Frank Langella in the Broadway production of Peter Morgan's historical dramedy. L.A. Times Culture Monster
  • Leroy Barnes Death Questions Linger Pasadena officials are finding that the police shooting of Leroy Barnes is a case that will not go away quietly. Earl Ofari Hutchinson and other local African American figures are asking for the release of a police video made of Barnes' death, while Barnes' family has filed a wrongful-death suit against the city through attorney Edi Faal. L.A. Daily News
  • Adoring OC Crowd Greets Obama President Obama had no problem getting an Orange County audience to see things his way during a Town Hall meeting. Long Beach Press-Telegram
  • L.A. Defense Contractor Wins Bids L.A.-headquartered Northrop Grumman has landed a contract worth $69 million to develop and test a new communications system for the U.S. Army, while a U.K. subsidiary will develop an airport traffic control system for Brazil worth $19 million. Only two weeks ago the company announced the sacking of 750 business office employees.L.A. Business Journal
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  • OctoLawyer Ejected from House In a confusing incident, Nadia Suleman's  lawyer, Gloria Allred, was allegedly ejected from Suleman's new La Habra home hours before the first of Suleman's two octuplet newborns arrived. Police say they were summoned by a woman claiming to be Suleman's nanny and who requested help in expelling Allred. Whittier Daily News


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