• Sheriff Lowered Bar to Raise Ranks The L.A. County Sheriff's Department loosened hiring practices in order to meet recruiting goals, charges a report by the Office of Independent Review. L.A. Times

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • Workers Protest Postal Ax About four dozen union postal workers rallied outside the Industry Processing and Distribution Center, which could see some departments moved and combined at other facilities for cost-cutting purposes. San Gabriel Valley Tribune

  • Judge Nixes Ed McMahon Bid Citing attorney-client privilege, Superior Court Judge John Shook rejected a lawyer's request for the guest list of a party at which his client Ed McMahon suffered a broken neck during a slip and fall. McMahon is suing the party's host, billionaire investor Robert Day.  L.A. Daily News

  • UCLA Profs Locate Bin Laden's Crib -- Maybe Two professors at the University of California, Los Angeles, relying on "biogeographic theories" and satellite imaging of Pakistan's tribal region, speculate that Al Qaeda CEO Osama bin Laden is hiding in one of three structures in the city of Parachinar. Send in the drones! ABC News via KNX Radio

  • Rihanna's Swollen Face A photo of singer Rihanna's face, taken shortly after an alleged beating from boyfriend Chris Brown, has surfaced on the Internet. TMZ.com

  • Beckham Bending Toward Milan Negotiations between soccer teams A.C. Milan and the L.A. Galaxy appear to be inching closer to an agreement allowing Galaxy superstar David Beckham to play for the Italian club -- after it buys out his Los Angeles contract. Independent UK

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