• DWP Ordered to Refund Customers A Superior Court judge has ordered the DWP to pay back $30 million in fees it channeled into cash-strapped city agencies. L.A. Times

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • Benefits Take a Holiday Employees of papers belonging to the Los Angeles Newspaper Group (Daily News, Daily Breeze, et al) have been told they will not be earning vacation time for the next three months. L.A. Observed
  • City Att'y Race Turns Ugly The May 19 runoff for L.A. City Attorney has heated up, with both candidates trading accusations about rape-prosecutions and the  testing backlog of rape kits -- while both Jack Weiss and Carmen Trutanich are featuring rape victims in their publicity. City News Service
  • Charity: Madoff Made Off With $18 Million The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, one of the city's 10 largest charities, reports that it lost $18 million to alleged investment swindler Bernard Madoff. In February the charity had optimistically described its brush with Madoff as an $18 million "exposure" to his swindling, but now it appears that JCF's loss is the fullest amount possible. Associated Press
  • Bratton Slams Pot Pharm Laws L.A. Police Chief William Bratton waded into controversial waters by calling for tighter laws to govern California's medical marijuana dispensaries. While the Chief says he favors medicinal pot, he doesn't want it being handed to three customers whom he specifically I.D.'d as "Tom, Dick and Harry." Associated Press
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  • Field of Crumpets Los Angeles will again be the venue for a cricket match between Australia and England. Hugh Jackman, Rupert Murdoch, Ozzy Osborne and former British prime minister John Major are among some notables egging on the May 3 match-up. Organizers hope the second annual event will see teams consisting of celebrities and star cricket players, who will appear at Van Nuys' Woodley Cricket Field. Australian Associated Press


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