• Polanski Loses Bid to Nix L.A. Judges The AP's Linda Deutsch reports that a three-member appellate panel has rejected self-exiled film auteur Roman Polanski's motion to bar any Los Angeles County judge from participating in his case. Polanski, who claims he has no plans to ever return to the U.S., is seeking to clear up three-decades-old charges involving improper sexual conduct with a minor.

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • Murder-Suicide Dad Called "Loving" Ervin Lupoe, the Wilmington man who killed his wife and five children January 26, is described by his sister Yolondo as "a very compassionate, loving father," according to the Associated Press. "They were an amazing, happy, tight-knit family, just like their family picture," Yolondo Lupoe says.
  • Joe Francis Arrested, Won't Miss Court Today Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis missed his Monday court date that had been set to hear his lawyers request to withdraw from his $20 million tax-evasion case. He eventually showed up in the afternoon with a doctor's note. He should have brought a Get Out of Jail Free card, because that's where federal judge James Otero sent him for the night. He'll be back later this morning, according to the L.A. Times -- on time, no doubt.
  • Dodgers Offer Manny $25M to Stay Blue The L.A. Daily News, among others, are reporting that the Los Angeles Dodgers are offering popular slugger Manny Ramirez $25 million to stay a Dodger for one more year. Ramirez is repped by sports super-agent Scott Boras.
  • Junior Colleges Face Senior Headaches The L.A. Times' Gale Holland reports  how community colleges, once considered both the first and last resort of low-income students, are facing a massive influx of enrollees from state colleges and universities.
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  • When Will Angels Flight Take Off Again? The Downtown News asks why the famed yet troubled funicular railway has remained closed for eight years since a fatal accident shut it down. (See Today in Photographs below for an image of Angels Flight's sister railroad, Court Flight.)


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