• Prison Mom & Baby Escape, Are Captured State prisoner Daphne Delorah Miner is back behind bars after escaping from a prison parenting class in Pomona. Miner was apprehended in Downtown L.A. and her newborn son taken from her. L.A. Daily News

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • Gone in 600 Seconds A team of five armed thieves drove three tractor rigs into Logistic Express in Harbor Gateway and made off with three containers packed with electronics from the business' gated lot. A security guard was tied up during the 10-minute, $650,000 heist . Daily Breeze
  • It's the Traffic, Stupid Candidates for the Westside's Fifth City Council District promise to make driving faster, smoother and better. Really. L.A. Times
  • Show Up or Shut Up That's the tack taken by the L.A. District Attorney's office toward film auteur Roman Polanski's attempt to clear up three-decade-old sexual misconduct charges. Polanski does not plan to appear before any L.A. Superior Court judge (or in the U.S., for that matter). Because of this prosecutors say Polanski has no right to a day in court -- or even a day not in court. Associated Press
  • Port's Novel Pollution Solution Long Beach Harbor announced a 23 percent drop in shipping in January and is at the lowest point since 2004. The Port of L.A. has yet to release its January figures, but they are likely to be similar. At least the harbor air and water is seeing less pollution. L.A. Business Journal
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  • Skyrises Stall Downtown Four office/residential towers worth $1 billion-plus apiece remain all dressed up on blueprints with nowhere to go during the credit crunch. Slowing demand isn't helping, either. Downtown News


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