More Than One In Ten L.A. City Employees Makes $100,000 Or More

More than one out of ten Los Angeles city employees makes more than $100,000 a year, according to La Opinion newspaper. The recent report documenting the city's unusually high pay comes as City Hall is grappling with a $585 million budget and probably layoffs.

The newspaper found that more than 7,100 City Hall employees -- 14 percent of the L.A. municipal workforce -- makes more than 100K per year. For comparison, La Opinion points out that only 227 city workers -- 2.1% of the workforce -- earn more than $100,000 in San Diego, the state's second-largest municipality.

The report found that 73 employees of Los Angeles make more than $200,000 per year, and that the highest paid city worker is not Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa ($232,000) -- fourteen people at City Hall make more -- but rather LAX executive director Gina Marie Lindsey ($326,855).

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck comes in second place at more than $306,000. The LAPD has the more $100,000-plus employees than any other city department.


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