More Than 200 L.A. County Employees Took Home $250K Or More Last Year

The city of Bell hasn't been the only local government paying some of its employees handsomely. It turns out that some Los Angeles County workers make nearly Bell-level incomes, often because they take in beaucoup overtime bucks or "other earnings."

LA Weekly obtained a county document that lists employees -- a whopping 217 in all -- that took in $250,000 or more in 2009. It shows that a sheriff's "commander," whose name is redacted in the interest of security, tops the list with $440,915.61 in income last year. Although overtime pay is not specifically listed, "other earnings" were stated to be worth $250,844.64 -- more than the commander's base salary of $190,070.97. But wait, there's more:

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Many of the top earners of your county tax dollars are medical doctors. The county's second-highest breadwinner is Elaine C. Yang, a senior physician at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center who took home $430,909.32, including $91,137.21 in overtime and $59,146.13 in "other earnings."

Number three? Christine H. Holschneider, a chief physician at Olive View Hospital. Her take: $423,533.89, including more than $55,000 in other earnings.

Coming it at number four is Gail Anderson, Jr., a medical director at Harbor-UCLA. She made 421,648.65, includingf more than $56,000 in other earnings.

And number five is John S. McDonald, a chief physician at Harbor-UCLA. His county income was $413,807.18, including more than $52,000 in other earnings.

We planned to cut it off at the top five, but we'd be remiss if we didn't mention number six, a figure known to the media and one who has been open about his pay in the past: County CEO William T. Fujioka, who took home $403,140.60, including more than $64,000 in other earnings.

One more interesting one: A person whose name was redacted is listed as an "unclassified" District Attorney's office employee who made $345,587.02.

Most of the D.A.'s, sheriff's and fire department employees who made the list, n fact, had their names redacted.


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