Miss USA 2011: L.A.'s Own Alyssa Campanella? Vegas Oddsmakers Say Miss California Redhead Will Win (PHOTOS)

Update: Alyssa Campanella wins Miss USA 2011, as predicted! Makin' L.A. -- and a roomful of buzzed Vegas oddsmakers -- very proud tonight. (Aside from her diss on the "Legalize It" movement. So un-Californian.) Watch her flash the devil horns, and work a bikini, after the jump.

Originally posted June 16 at 2 p.m.

Might as well just hand over the Miss USA crown to Alyssa Campanella now, say a batch of Vegas bookies in today's Daily, apparently bored with betting on boy things like sports and cards.

"There are no stats to go on, and we have no inside information," says Bodog.com's Adam Young. "But we have been doing this for five years, and we've never had a huge upset."

The expert oddsmakers cast their votes, predicting 9-2 odds that Miss California -- a 21-year-old bombshell of a redhead, living in Los Angeles and looking the part -- will trample her 50 competitors come Sunday.

We heartily agree. So does Katy Perry. Exhibit A:

And in case you need an Exhibit B:

Miss USA 2011: L.A.'s Own Alyssa Campanella? Vegas Oddsmakers Say Miss California Redhead Will Win (PHOTOS)

She can also talk and Tweet and stuff.

Case closed!

Watch Miss L.A. do her thing this Sunday, June 19 on NBC, when Paula Shugart and Donald Trump make that Guiliana Rancic and Andy Cohen (phew!) are set to host the 60th-anniversary pageant. Also stopping by for a cameo will be the newly vindicated Holly Madison. Not that we'll notice, what with Ms. Campanella in the hizzouse.

Update: Here's Miss California, doing her moment of glory California style upon taking the prize from runner-up Miss Tennessee tonight:

According to People, "if Campanella can't fulfill her duties, she will be replaced by Miss Tennessee, Ashley Elizabeth Durham." We're not quite sure what duties, exactly, Miss USA is responsible for -- besides staying hot until the Miss Universe pageant in September -- but we'll keep you updated.

And check back tomorrow morning, when we'll try to track down these oddsmakers and tap them for their formula. Because, though their runner-up predictions fell completely flat, they were damn sure Campanella would win, and that's pretty cool. Not that any red-blooded man (or girlcrusher) couldn't have told you the same.

More photos of Miss USA 2011 after the jump. Schwing!

Swimsuit competition, Miss USA 2011
Swimsuit competition, Miss USA 2011
Back when she was just an L.A. bumpkin
Back when she was just an L.A. bumpkin



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