Minor Silver Lake Shooting Gets Neighbors Talking
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Minor Silver Lake Shooting Gets Neighbors Talking

In the parlance of old school LAPD cops, it was "a big nothin.'" But if a tree falls, and a hipster hears it, it's something. By all the fuss being made by some Silver Lake dwellers over shots fired there this week, you would think it was the North Hollywood Shootout, Part II. But in this particular pop-off, no one was injured and the police, contrary to claims, showed up within minutes.

We have no reason to believe otherwise: Shots fired calls are a high priority for the Los Angeles Police Department, and the area where this happened Monday afternoon, at Sunset Boulevard and Lucille Avenue, is usually well-populated with cops.

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Capt. William Murphy of the LAPD's Northeast Division told about 50 people who had gathered at the meeting at Dangerbird Records, which was hit by stray bullets, that an air unit responded with minutes and officers on the ground got there within 10 minutes, according to The Eastsider.

Dangerbird CEO Jeff Castelaz called the shooting, which apparently broke out following an argument at an adjacent liquor store, "traumatizing."

It's healthy for neighbors to be concerned about their community, and Castelaz and his cohorts have gotten the attention of Councilman Eric Garcetti, the LAPD, and nearly the entire city regarding crime in Silver Lake. And it's not their fault -- but it's too bad that the homicides that happen almost daily south of the 10 freeway don't get this much attention.