Michael LoGrande: How Should New Planning Director Approach The Job?

Now that Mayor Villaraigosa has selected Michael LoGrande to become director of planning, we've asked activists from around the city to give LoGrande advice: How should he approach the job?

Here's the response of Neil Anderberg, Palms Neighborhood Council.

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Next: Denny Schneider, longtime Westchester and LAX community activist.

Schneider has a novel idea: Look to history and learn from mistakes.

There's one thing that I doubt has happened from time immemorial: Going back and taking a look at projects that were approved. How well planned were they, in terms of their impact on the surrounding community? How effective was the mitigation? Although money -- and, by extension, paid staff time -- is short, it is important to look at history so that we improve our planning.


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