Octo-sexy? Or Octo-ewww?
Octo-sexy? Or Octo-ewww?

Michael Kamrava, Octomom Nadya Suleman's Fertility Doctor, Gets License to Practice in California Revoked

No more babies for you, crazy ladies. (Well, actually, there's still time!).

Michael Kamrava, the man forever to be known as the Octodoc had his medical license stripped today by the Medical Board of California, mainly for putting way to many embryos into Octomom Nadya Suleman.

The board cited La Habra's Suleman -- she had 14 children through repeated in vitro treatments by Kamrava (sly daddy) -- and two other cases of alleged negligence. But ...

... his license is still good until July 1. There's still time.

The board cited an "excessive number of embryos" implanted in the baby machine known as Octomom (Octomadre en Espanol).

Read all the dirty details here.



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