Pizza, or politics?
Pizza, or politics?

Meg Whitman's Campaign Spending Could Have Gone Toward Two Pizzas For Every California Household: Would You Have Preferred The Pies?

As it seems almost a sure thing that Meg Whitman is going to lose this gubernatorial battle (want to bet? No? Didn't think so.), Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez asks if the $140 million she pumped into her own $160-million-plus campaign could have been put to better use.

He actually crunched some hardcore numbers (who says L.A. doesn't have smart people?) and came up with this factoid:

The Republican candidate's $140 mil was enough to send two medium Domino's pizzas, with two toppings on each one, to every household in California. Now, the big question is ...

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... wouldn't you rather have had the pizzas than having had to endure this losing campaign? Come on -- pepperoni, onions, pineapple, Canadian bacon? Vote in the comments section below.

But all you Prop. 19 (marijuana-legalization) supporters can save your keystrokes. We know how you stand on this munch-worthy issue already. Just be sure to save a slice for the rest of us.


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