Meet L.A. County's Classy New Condom
"The Official Los Angeles Condom" via Facebook

Meet L.A. County's Classy New Condom

A panel of judges including Perez Hilton has picked a winner in the official Los Angeles County Department of Public Health condom design contest (which, uh, happened):

The stark and simple design features an image of a black bowtie, accompanied by the words "Suit Up" in Mad Men-ish font. Classy! Maybe even classier than the official Louis Vuitton rubber. And because the contest was called "L.A.'s Next Sex Symbol"...

... we suppose that honor goes to L.A. graphic designer Adam Lyons, the stud behind Perez' big pick. His Facebook photos certainly live up to the title:

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Meet L.A. County's Classy New Condom
Adam Lyons via Facebook

Lyons' design is classy and all, but we're also huge fans of the 11 runners-up, some of which will reportedly get a spot on your bedside table as well.

According to City News Service, "the top 10 designs will appear on about 1 million condom wrappers... distributed free throughout the county by ONE Condoms." Unlike Lyons, however -- who "will receive $750 in gift cards and a 19-inch LED TV with built-in DVD" -- their only reward will be a dinky "$200 in miscellaneous gift cards."

From the county's fine gallery of Jimmy hats:


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