Medical Marijuana Group Vows Legal Action Following City Pot-Shop Crackdown

A pro-medical-marijuana group on Tuesday vowed to fight back against the City Attorney's legal actions against 21 pot dispensaries in Los Angeles. The office seeks to shut down the pot shops as nuisances and cites their over-the-counter sales of marijuana, which it argues are not allowed under the state's 1996 legalization of nonprofit pot collectives.

Americans For Safe access called the city's actions, including undercover weed buys, "entrapment," and threatened to join the City Attorney's lawsuits "as an intervening defendant, representing the interests of medical marijuana patients," according to an ASA statement.

ASA also wonders allowed why the City Attorney's office didn't wait until the city's recently enacted dispensary rules take effect so that the pot shops could at least try to comply with the new ordinance.

"It's clear that the City Attorney is attempting to intimidate and close dispensaries before the Los Angeles ordinance even goes into effect," stated ASA Chief Counsel Joe Elford. " ... It goes without saying that dispensaries deserve the due process right to comply with the city's ordinance regulating them."

ASA stated that if the City Attorney's office does not withdraw its nuisance abatement suits against the 21 dispensaries that it will join the legal fray. The ASA argues that the state's 1996 medical marijuana proposition and subsequent legislative clarification (SB 420) make such dispensaries perfectly legal. " ... The City Attorney's legal arguments are horribly flawed and have no basis in law.," states Elford.


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