Medical Marijuana Does A Body Good (If You're In Pain)

Now, we know what all you stoners out there are thinking: You've already put in the lab time. No need for some fancy, state-funded institute to get all methodological about it. You and your boys have done plenty of "research" and have come to the same conclusion. (Heck, even Rick James knew it). Still, in a state where medical marijuana is perfectly legal, it's good to make it official:

The UC Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research this week reported to the state legislature that there is "reasonable evidence that cannabis is a promising treatment" for specific, pain-related ailments. (So, yeah, just tell 'em where it hurts).

Seriously folks, true labcoats have come to the conclusion that there is medicinal value in the same stuff most of you just do for fun. The report bolsters the state's open position on medical marijuana and provides fodder for dozens of others that have either legalized its medicinal use or are considering it.

"We focused on illnesses where current medical treatment does not provide adequate relief or coverage of symptoms," stated center director Igor Grant. "These findings provide a strong, science-based context in which policy makers and the public can begin discussing the place of cannabis in medical care."

Five studies that found marijuana can help in "easing pain in selected syndromes caused by injury or diseases of the nervous system and possibly for painful muscle spasms due to multiple sclerosis" contributed to the report's conclusions.


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