$4.20 million for marijuana.com.
$4.20 million for marijuana.com.

Marijuana.com Sells to SoCal's WeedMaps For a Reported $4.20 Million

The folks behind WeedMaps, the Southern California-based website that shows you where your friendly neighborhood pot shop is located, have purchased the domain name marijuana.com.

And you just know how much they paid for it: That's right, a reported $4.20 million. They probably overpaid by $200,000 just to come to that number, but it might have been worth it in free press alone. Ahem.

The official statement from the WeedMaps folks says ...

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... the purchase price was "an undisclosed amount." Except that several blogs pegged it at 420. Maybe it was just a good guess.

Marijuana.com Sells to SoCal's WeedMaps For a Reported $4.20 Million

WeedMaps says the URL dates to 1995 and has had 300,000 regular users lately.

What are they going to do with it? Expand and multiply:

WeedMaps Media intends to create entirely new website content for Marijuana.com. In addition, WeedMaps Media will bridge the site with the pre-existing WeedMaps.com membership database, eventually allowing for single sign-on across the entire network and effectively doubling the number of registered WeedMaps users to over half a million.

Doug Francis, president of WeedMaps' Newport Beach-based parent company:

Well established, premium top-level-domains such as Marijuana.com are easy to remember, rank highly in Google searches, and attract thousands of visitors per day in type-in traffic alone.

No shit. Dot com.



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