Marijuana: 710 Is the New 420
Nanette Gonzalez for LA Weekly

Marijuana: 710 Is the New 420

Mexicans, the Irish and living veterans only get one holiday. But stoners apparently need two.

That's right. Move over, 420, meet 710. Today is your day, and we bet there will be some toking across Los Angeles at 7:10 p.m:

So what's the symbolism surrounding July 10? Well, it's not the date so much as the number that's important here.

According to High Times, 710 is OIL backwards, and hash oil, honey oil and "wax" are potent concentrations of marijuana that are quite popular these days in L.A.'s dispensary scene.

Marijuana: 710 Is the New 420
Shreyans Bhansali

They're so popular that people are blowing up their rooms trying to make it in a process that involves volatile butane.

Yeah, this holiday is on fire.

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