Marc Abrams, Walking Man
Marc Abrams, Walking Man
Weekly file photo

Marc Abrams, Silver Lake Walking Man, Dead at 58

If you live in Silver Park, Echo Park or nearby environs you've likely seen Marc Abrams, shirtless, reading the newspaper, and walking at a hip swiveling pace that would classify as jogging for most people. He was deeply tanned and -- quite obviously -- wiry fit.

Via NBC News, he died Wednesday at 58.

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Here's a Weekly profile of Abrams from our 2009 People issue.

"Silver Lake Walkin' Guy," "The Reader Walker," "Dr. Jogger" and "The Walking Man" (also the title of a short documentary made about him several years ago), Abrams has many nicknames, but those who don't actually know him are always surprised to learn that he's not some nut-job with too much time on his hands, but in fact, is a busy family-practice physician with his own office based in the Valley.

His route was 20 miles. Neighbors, NBC reports, say he'll be missed.


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