Man v. Mannequin: Political T-Shirts Wanted

The Workmen's Circle (Arbeter Ring), the Westside organization of progressive Jews, is issuing

a call for all lefties and liberals -- both current and former -- to reach deep into their political closets and pull out whatever vintage "message" T-shirts they'd like to share. The Circle's art gallery will feature a Fall exhibit of such rad wear called "The Revolution Is Only a T-Shirt Away." Given the recent threats against American Apparel workers for their company's "Legalize Gay" tees, that sentiment may also hold true for the counter-revolution.

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Even the laid-back Circle has its rules: "Please get your T-shirt to us to ensure that it will be displayed in a prime position, or even on a mannequin . . . The curators reserve the right to use their discretion choosing the work to be shown." Always with the caveats! Anyway, the idea is to take the donated T-shirts and make a quilt out of them that will be raffled off to help the Workmen's Circle. But you don't have to lose these shirts off your back -- they'll be returned if you want them, after the exhibit closes in December.


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