Michael Clesle

Malibu Marijuana Dispensary Approved; Spicoli Would be Proud

Malibu might be known for its $10-million-plus estates and A-list residents. But rich people gots to get their bud too. (Don't tell that to Beverly Hills, BTW).

On that note, the tony city by the sea is poised to get its second medical marijuana dispensary after the Malibu Planning Commission approved Malibu Collective Caregivers as its second and last pot shop, according to Malibu Times.

That, then, is bad news for the would-be third cannabis "caregiver" ...

... Twin Lyons Wellness.

Malibu officials said MCC applied first. Or rather, MCC, had it's shit together first.

In any case, the shop will be at 22235 Pacific Coast Highway. So, Michael Phelps, if you're ever in town, again, that's 22235 Pacific Coast Highway.

Twin Lyons was shut out because Malibu law limits the number of pot shops in the city to two.

Of course, there's always neighboring L.A. to the south, where, despite an ever-evolving and complicated city law, pot shops seem to be back on the increase again.


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