MacArthur Park Comes to Kansas

MacArthur Park Media blogger Devin Browne recently visited the Midwestern heartland, past Dodge City of cowboy lore, out beyond Holcomb, where the Clutter family was slain, and on to a small town of farms and meat-packing plants.

"There are Latinos in Kansas," Browne writes in "Not in Kansas Anymore. "And they are everywhere -- carnicerias all along the street (real dives with peeling paint and misspelled signage written in Spanglish, not restaurants with cactus murals painted on the front), stores advertising SE CAMBIAN CHEQUES/WE CASH CHECKS, dried chili peppers in the market -- this is not a marginal population in this prairie town, population 24,000, but the driving cultural force."

Lakin, the town Browne visited, with its lowriders and gang graffiti, seemed like a piece of her own Westlake neighborhood transported to the American steppe. Who says there's no place like home?

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