Los Globos Dancing Shut Down As Police Commission Says It Has No Permits

Silver Lake neighbors can be a finicky bunch. They want to live where the action is, but they complain about the action.

Sounds to us like somebody dropped a dime on Los Globos, the bar, club and dance spot that has become a darling of L.A.'s late-night and DJ community.

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That's because the Police Commission warned the venue to pull the plug on its popular promoter nights. We found out why:

"There's been an ownership change, and the new owner needs to apply" for the permits, a Police Commission official told the Weekly.

He said the club was sent a letter Oct. 24 warning it was no longer legal for it to have dancing, DJ performances or live music, staples of the venue. Those would require dance hall and entertainment permits.

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The Commission official says the ownership change had already been reflected via the club's state alcohol license but that "we just found out." He indicated someone might have lodged a complaint, leading the body to review the licenses it issues.

While the issue at hand simply involves paperwork, the official said "it kind of is a big deal" that "they did the change with ABC and didn't tell us:"

They've been operating without a permit.

He said neighbors' possible complaints about the venue are "probably why somebody sent information to us about the permit."

Mitch Edelson, the venue's music curator, said:

Ownership hasn't changed in over a year. It's a technicality they got us on. We're reapplying for the permits. Los Globos is zoned as a dance hall, so we're entitled to get them back.

He said ownership was slated to argue its case before the Commission next Thursday. Edelson hopes to have the club's dancing and entertainment back up in a week to 45 days, he said.

Meanwhile you can still legally get a drink there. "We're keeping our doors open," Edelson said:

It's unfortunate for my staff and my promoters and all the community that this happened.

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