Los Angeles Is A Boss-Dating Capital
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Los Angeles Is A Boss-Dating Capital

The firm PayScale, which calculates market salaries for employees and employers, didn't rank L.A. as a top city in America for finding love at work. Nor did we make the list of top towns even for finding a workplace fling. Los Angeles is not known for coworkers who are "on the prowl."


But, given that L.A. is the home of Hollywood, it's no surprise that we did make one PayScale top 10 list:

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L.A. is in the top 5 for American cities with workers "most likely to date the boss."

Why are we not surprised. If you consider every "producer," "agent" and "director" in this douche capital a potential employer, we'd surely be number one.

PayScale says these are the towns with the most employees "working your way up the ladder or sleeping your way to the top ... :"

1. Austin, TX

2. Orlando, FL

3. Miami, FL

4. Denver, CO

5. Los Angeles, CA

6. Boston, MA

7. Portland, OR

8. Philadelphia, PA

9. Atlanta, GA

10. Houston, TX

And now you don't feel so bad, right?

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