More 'G' please.
More 'G' please.

Los Angeles Gets 4G Network Via Sprint: iPhone Users Are Out Of Luck

Los Angeles is finally getting a 4G network. Yay! It's on Sprint. Pout.

It's cool though. It looks like, if you're geek like that, you can buy a router and get 4G speed on your nearby iPad or laptop. But iPhones, despite being in version 4, are out of luck for now.

Sprint/Nextel and its tech baby Clearwire are hyping the 4G "CLEAR" roll-out as a perfect fit for "Cyber Monday," that day when we're all supposed to be shopping for the holidays online at work (via non-4G networks -- discuss).

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The companies say the 4G technology is (of course) four times faster than 3G and will cover In 11 million people from mid-Orange County to Ontario to West Hills in the San Fernando Valley.

And they've got devices to harness that network and feed it to your laptop -- at a Cyber Monday discount.

We need this extra "G," but we'll wait for AT&T or Verizon to roll it out. What about you?


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