Los Angeles Food Truck Health Grades Approved: Look For As, Bs And, If You Like It Authentic, Cs, At A Roach Coach Near You Soon

Sometimes it's hard to tell a true roach coach from one of those foodie rides with gourmet offerings. Now the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved health-department letter grades for the mobile eateries that will make it easier for you decide if you like A-level bites or C-approved authenticity.

The five-member board voted 5-0 to apply restaurant-style health inspections to the four-wheeled munchie meccas. But it's not written in stone yet ...

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... A secondary vote will have to happen within 30 days to make the grading system for food trucks the law of L.A. County. It will likely happen.

One bummer for food-truck operators: Workers will have to have access to working restrooms, a county health department spokesman tells the Weekly. This will be a no-go for many of the old-school, neighborhood taco trucks that often freelance it in empty lots, at rubs and in parking lots.

The law will require the trucks to undergo twice-a-year inspections.

Read more here (PDF).


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