Los Angeles County Enemy Number One: Styrofoam-Like Containers

Los Angeles County Enemy Number One: Styrofoam-Like Containers

In this vast region where unemployment is high and the economy is especially weak, it's nice to have leaders who have their eyes on the ball. In this dreary, post-recession, pre-recovery zombie dance we call 2010, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has found the enemy, and it is ... Styrofoam. (Actually, as Dow Chemical once pointed out, we're talking Styrofoam-like products, as it's a brand name that doesn't apply to food containers).

That's right. The board recently banned "extruded polystyrene sheet" containers at county facilities, and it's studying a possible ban for all unincorporated areas of L.A. Bravo.

While Maria juggles three jobs, two kids and a seriously packed bus ride home each night -- not mention a lack of health coverage -- Justin Whalewatcher will be pleased to know that his trust fund cash won't be going toward any environmentally challenging containers in unincorporated areas. Maybe.

It's a 12-month study. We'll keep you posted.

Okay, before you start telling us what barbaric anti-Earthites we are, we'll admit it, Frankenstein-style: Styrofoam-like containers bad. Banning them good.

But seriously, doesn't the five-member board of the most-populous county in the United States have bigger fish to fry?


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