L.A. county says no to pot shops.
L.A. county says no to pot shops.

Los Angeles County Bans Pot Shops In Unincorporated Areas

L.A. County made good on its threat to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. In a 4-1 vote the county's Board of Supervisors moved to outlaw pot shops in unincorporated parts of L.A.

Those parts seem few and far between, but they represent about a million people. So now you'll have to go to the city of Los Angeles (the nation's pot-shop capital) or West Hollywood for your weed.

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It looks like Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky was the lone no vote on this thing.

Supervisor and sometime cowboy Mike Antonovich was a resounding yes:

"Attracting crime and other nuisances, these facilities have a negative impact on the communities where they've operated -- leading more than 100 cities and 9 counties in California to pass similar ordinances. Since many municipalities in Los Angeles County currently have either a ban or moratorium, adjacent unincorporated communities would become the obvious location of choice for dispensary operators -- creating an undue burden for residents in these areas."

An amendment to the ordinance, introduced by one Yaroslavsky, will impose $1,000-a-day fines on those pot shops that stay open despite the ban.

So buy 'em if you can, while you can, 'cause the board takes a final vote Dec. 7, then this thing is law in an extra 30 days.


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