One last night of luxury
One last night of luxury
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Long Beach Luxury Inn Evacuated For SWAT Standoff With Man Suspected Of Killing His Stepson

One evil stepfather from Panorama City -- suspected of murdering his 20-year-old stepson at their home on the 9100 block of Canterbury Avenue last night -- was surrounded by LAPD SWAT at a Luxury Inn in Long Beach for hours this morning.

Finally, just about one half-hour ago, he was coaxed from his hotel stake-out.

KNX news radio is reporting that 58-year-old Antonio Meza had begun to come out voluntarily, but -- as SWAT officers still believed him to be dangerous --

he was shot into sedation with an unknown weapon, which they will only say was "less lethal" than a gun.

Throughout the ordeal, LAPD officers were complaining about media helicopters circling overhead, asking them to please leave. They rushed to the scene after receiving a tip that Meza had entered a room at the hotel, located at 5950 Long Beach Blvd.

The rest of the guests were evacuated from their rooms early this morning.


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