Lohan loves trouble.
Lohan loves trouble.

Lindsay Lohan: LAPD Wants to Search her Venice Home for Allegedly Stolen, $5,000 Necklace

OMG, hide the stuff, Lindsay. Police are coming.

Lindsay Lohan hasn't been in her beach-adjacent Venice digs a month and already cops are calling. The LAPD asked a judge this week for a search warrant to check out the place in connection with a $5,000 stolen necklace they're looking for.

Hope your plumbing is good, Lindsay.

RadarOnline reports that cops have video of Lohan wearing the necklace in question. The Los Angeles Times one-ups that, stating that she was captured on-tape with the necklace on in a store.

Hmm. Necklace. Video. Store. Ya don't think?

Really Lindsay? You're on probation, you live off the boardwalk, where drugs are more common than bikinis, you're rich, and you bring the heat to your home over a $5K necklace you could have bought with a smile?

Say it ain't so.

And get to flushing.

-With reporting from City News Service. Got news? Email us. Follow us on Twitter, too: @dennisjromero.


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