Layla Rosette Trawick, Accused of West Hollywood Target Stabbings, Mentally Unfit

The woman accused of randomly stabbing four people at a West Hollywood Target last May has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Layla Rosette Trawick was charged May 5 with four counts of attempted murder and five counts of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the May 3 attacks. She brought knives with her to the Target in the 7100 block of Santa Monica Boulevard and started running through aisles stabbing customers.

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Trawick was sent to Patton State Hospital after two psychiatrists agreed that she was incompetent, according to Jane Robison of the District Attorney's Office.

Family said she has a history of mental illness and lost custody of her son.

Incompetence is generally defined as the inability to understand the charges or assist in one's own defense.

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