'Law & Order' hits 'Ballona Creek'
'Law & Order' hits 'Ballona Creek'

'Law & Order Los Angeles' Gets Some Inspiration From Orange County

We're proud to finally have our own Law & Order in the town that still rules television production. But - memo to the Law & Order Los Angeles' producers - this isn't Orange County, 'mkay?

Gustavo Arellano at sister publication OC Weekly points out that ripped-from-the-headlines show appears to have been inspired by his fair county on more than a few occasions.

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He notes:

In "Harbor City," the detectives deal with entitled rich kids who murder a surfer and also rape a girl and videotape it, all with the help of a pasty-faced father--Haidl gang, demand your royalty check! "Ballona Creek" is a version of the Grim Sleeper, the serial killer that haunted South-Central Los Angeles for three decades, but the story takes a detour to SanTana, where the detectives interview a victim of the serial killer.

Meanwhile, a trip to the D.A.'s office on the show takes watchers to the O.C. D.A.'s headquarters, where a character posing as a prosecutor, Arellano says, is a dead ringer for O.C. D.A. Spokeswoman Farrah Emami.

Guess nobody wants to see L.A. D.A. Steve Cooley in a skirt.

Enough already, Orange County. Get your own Law & Order.


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