Ramon Cortines.
Ramon Cortines.

LAUSD's Cortines Resigns From $150,000-A-Year Side Gig

Los Angeles public schools chief Ramon Cortines on Thursday announced that he's resigning from a cushy, $150,000 a year side job because of the appearance of a conflict of interest.

The Los Angeles Unified School District superintendent served on the board of schools supply company Scholastic Inc., which does millions of dollars a year in business with the LAUSD. After the Los Angeles Times revealed the relationship -- with Cortines saying he never weighed in on LAUSD decisions involving Scholastic contracts -- the schools chief decided holding on to the gig painted the wrong picture.

"Although my duties as a member of the board of Scholastic Inc. never conflicted with my role as LAUSD superintendent, I am cognizant of public perception and the role it plays in supporting our mission as professional educators to move this district forward in preparing our students to be college-prepared and career-ready,'' Cortines said.

His resignation from Scholastic, where he served since 1995, before he took on the top job at the LAUSD, is effective Friday. He makes $250,000 a year as the top dog at the district. The LAUSD and the teacher's union are in a heated battle over budget cuts, a possible compression of the school year, and the district's embrace of charter schools.

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