L.A.'s 5 Hottest Weather 'Girls' Prove Kyle Hunter's KCBS Lawsuit is All Haterade
Evelyn Taft / Twitter

L.A.'s 5 Hottest Weather 'Girls' Prove Kyle Hunter's KCBS Lawsuit is All Haterade

A lawsuit by weatherman Kyle Hunter against CBS Los Angeles and KCAL claims that the sister stations have passed up experienced, thinking men like himself in favor of sexy-girl noobs.

Ironically, he's being rep'd by Gloria Allred, the feminist attorney who would have otherwise taken the side against a jerk who claims that he can't get paid because of all the good looking, dumb chicks around him. The suit says "that within the past few years, KCAL and KCBS decided to hire young attractive women as weathercasters in prime time rather than men ... "

This could be more widespread than at KCBS/KCAL alone. We take a closer look at the hottest of the weather hotties in Los Angeles TV news:

5. Bri Winkler does weather duties and general assignment reporting for ABC7. She also looks good. But there's the thing: While we respect the experience and meteorology degrees that most weather people show off, does anyone in their right mind think that doing the daily sunshine report in L.A. takes more brain power than general assignment reporting, where you're required to know a little about City Hall, the school districts, policing and politics? Don't think so Kyle.

NBC Los Angeles

4. Elita Loresca has Asian eyes, Latinesque skin and what sounds to us like an Italian name. Who cares what the temp is outside? Besides, as Kyle can surely attest, computer-software modeling does all the hard work these days. Do we really need to claim a rocket-science degree of difficulty when you're just reading from a printout? Loresca is a "meteorologist," so there.

3. Rick Dickert. Ha! You thought this was all about hot chicks. No way. We had to mix in some man candy for you. And who better to do it with than Rick Dickert, the guy with the redundant, porn-star name? It's almost, like, a scene from Reservoir Dogs. He looks good, right ladies? R.D. warms things up in the a.m. for Fox 11 News.

L.A.'s 5 Hottest Weather 'Girls' Prove Kyle Hunter's KCBS Lawsuit is All Haterade
Jackie Guerrido / Twitter

2. Jackie Guerrido. We tricked you again! Senorita Guerrido is a national weathercaster for Univision, so we're cheating a bit here. We're not sure you even speak the language. Does it really matter? Did you see those jeans!? It's getting hot in here. Predictably so.

1. Evelyn Taft is very, very good looking. She hurts the teeth. And since she's one of those attractive females at KCBS/KCAL that Kyle seems to think don't belong, we wanted to rub her (metaphorically, of course) in his face. She give good weather brah. Low pressure's right on time. And besides, Kyle, you're prettier than most girls we know.

Just not this one.

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