State Assemblyman Tom Torlakson
State Assemblyman Tom Torlakson

Larry Aceves and Tom Torlakson Move Forward in State Superintendent Race

The San Francisco Chronicle has called the statewide race for superintendent of public instruction, with retired public school superintendent Larry Aceves and state Assemblyman Tom Torlakson facing each other in a November run-off.

State Senator Gloria Romero of Los Angeles finished a somewhat surprising third and won't move ahead.

The race for state superintendent was very tight, with the top three candidates within a few thousand votes of each other.

The November run-off will shape up to be something of an age-old battle in education circles: teachers versus administrators.

Torlakson, a former teacher years ago, is endorsed by the powerful California Teachers Association, while Aceves has strong backing from a vast number of public school superintendents and principals.

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