LAPD Detective Pleads Guilty To Grand Theft

A Los Angeles Police Department detective pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of grand theft after he was accused of embezzling more than $30,000 in witness-relocation money from the department, according to the District Attorney's office. Leonard Avalos, 44, was sentenced to 90 days behind bars and three years of probation; he was also ordered to return the money.

Avalos, who has resigned from the department, was expected to begin serving his term June 29. His plea was part of a deal with the D.A. Prosecutors said the embezzlement took place between Feb. 15 and June 20 of 2008, when Avalos worked at the Southwest Detective Division.

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The D.A.'s office states the cash was intended for the relocation of three crime victims, but that only one of them was actually moved incognito.


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