Lady Gaga Crowd Behaves Day After Ravers Stand Off With LAPD in Hollywood

After the Great Raver Standoff of 2011, cops were justifiably concerned about a Lady Gaga crowd that was expected for her Jimmy Kimmel Live performance Thursday near the same stretch of Hollywood Boulevard that saw unrest Wednesday night..

But when it comes to riotous gatherings, the pop charts don't compare to DJ culture, apparently.

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Despite an expected 2,000 people at the free performance of the world's biggest pop star ...

... there was no ruckus of the type seen the previous night when DJ Kaskade tweeted about a free "block party" and young ravers flooded the streets.

In fact, police said 800 people showed up unexpectedly to see Kaskade Wednesday. And then they refused to go. Three were arrested.

But 2,000 well-behaved pop fans trumped that vibe Thursday:

Gaga's show went off without much of a hitch, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Kids these days.

[Added]: LAPD Lt. Alex Medel tells us there were no arrests associated with the event.



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