LAUSD super Cortines.
LAUSD super Cortines.

L.A. School District Moves To Begin Laying Off 4,700

The Los Angeles Unified School District board voted Tuesday to start laying off 4,700 teachers, administrators, counselors and nurses as part of an effort to reduce a $640 million deficit looming next fall. The board authorized a first step -- notices to be mailed -- in the layoff plan.

Notices are supposed to go out by March 15 to 1,000 janitors and maintenance workers, 520 school office workers, 139 school nurses and hundreds of teachers. The union representing teachers asked the board to make sure it's looking outside the classroom for cuts first. But Superintendent Ramon Cortines said "we're not hiding money."

"We do not have enough money for education in California, and nobody has been more vociferous with our state people and our governor than I have,'' Cortines said. " ... But I just don't have any other options at this time. So I am not proud.''

School board president Monica Garcia said the LAUSD had no choice: Even 10 percent pay cuts across the board and a school year shortened by five days would not make up for that red ink.

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