Back on the plane, girls
Back on the plane, girls

L.A. Loses 2022 World Cup Host Bid To Qatar

You can uncross your fingers, Los Angeles -- the most adored sporting event in the universe is officially not going down in the City of Angels in 2022, taking its promises of worldwide honor, limelight and way more terrible traffic than usual right along with it.

The cursed nation that stole our the U.S. bid? Qatar, a Middle-Eastern country on the Arabian Peninsula.

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So start saving (and entering ticket contests; those things are like chocolate-factory gold), because we won't be able to hear the cheers from our backyards come 2022. And it's not for bad track record:

According to Fox, a study conducted by FIFA shows a World Cup tourney in the U.S. would have been the "wealthiest and most successful ... of all the campaigners." Indeed, 1994's Rose Bowl event (Pasadena pride!) was the most profitable Cup to date.

So why all this hatin', FIFA? What does Qatar have that we don't have? Guess they haven't done quite as much crashing of the world's economy and sticking of their troops in places they aren't welcome, but still.

Guess we'll just go have a pity party with Chicago, who lost the 2016 Olympic bid to Brazil last year in another 'F you' to U.S. soccer sports fans. Add World Cup fans, and that means... just about everybody.

So how 'bout them L.A. Chargers?


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