L.A. Is Not So Gay Friendly, According to New Ranking
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L.A. Is Not So Gay Friendly, According to New Ranking

Los Angeles County has a huge LGBT community and a huge L.A. PRIDE event June 6 through 8.

The liberal West Coast is a longtime mecca for gay rights. So why in the heck didn't we do better in a ranking of America's "Most LGBT-Friendly Cities" by personal finance site NerdWallet?

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We bombed, frankly, considering that we're the second-largest city in the nation and often end up with commensurate rankings in different demographics:

But for gay friendliness, all we could muster was 18th place, according to NerdWallet.

The site looked at our ...

-Score on the Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index
-Percentage of households with same-sex partners
-Number of sexual orientation-related hate crimes per 100,000 residents 

We scored way low (0.8 percent) in percentages of same-sex households. And our hate crimes per 100,000 people, 1.06, were a bit high.

And thus we get 18th place.

Seattle took No. 1. San Francisco came in at No. 2. And ... Atlanta (!?) scored No. 3. Props to Long Beach for scoring No. 5. According to NerdWallet:

Long Beach earned the highest possible equality score from the HRC and the city sees fewer LGBT-targeted hate crimes per 100,000 residents than most other places in the country.

Here are the top 10 Most LGBT-Friendly Cities:

L.A. Is Not So Gay Friendly, According to New Ranking

NerdWallet told us this:

With LGBT Pride Month and the LA PRIDE Parade just around the corner, consumer advocacy site NerdWallet looked at the stats to see just how LGBT-friendly Los Angeles truly is. NerdWallet found that L.A. is the 18th most LGBT-friendly city, better than many cities across the nation but falling behind other large cities.

That's little consolation for our sorry showing. Let's get it together for next year, Angelenos.

[Added at 1 p.m.]: An analyst for NerdWallet added this:

About 0.8% of all households in LA have same-sex partners, which is right at the average of all the cities we looked at. The city scored just above average in safety, with 1.06 sexual orientation-related hate crimes per 100,000 residents. LA also earned a perfect score in the third variable in our study with an equality index of 100, which boosted the city's ranking in our final analysis.

Los Angeles is definitely a gay-friendly city, but per the numbers we crunched, it didn't score quite as well as some of the cities with a higher percentage of same-sex households and lower rates of hate crimes.

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